I met Romel, Racine, and Claudel in Port-Au-Prince, April 2013. 

Upon seeing some of their haunting and powerful sculptural work in the guest house I was staying in, I knew I had to meet them. Within a few hours I was racing the into the dusty dusky streets on the back of a moto taxi to get to their atelier before sun down. 

From the rubble of natural, economic and political disasters emerges Atis Rezistans, an artistic movement spearheaded by Andre Eugene. With multiple artists working as a community and movement Atis Rezistans breathes myth into material and is catalyzing community healing. It is A project by Haitians for Haitians, it is a story of spirit and creativity overcoming some of the most difficult conditions on earth.





Directed, Edited, Shot: Zack Embree